YATTAI: Fast Music Means Love: CD

Jul 29, 2013

It took three or more spins to get me to the point where I could respect where this band is coming from. They just don’t offer much enough for me to connect with. The sleeve only has the song titles (which are barely legible) and no further information or lyric sheet. Their sound is screamo or powerviolence or whatever the hell they’re calling it these days—that super fast and heavy style of hardcore with shitloads of blast beats and growling and screeching. I might keep it near my stereo, in the corner where the stuff that doesn’t quite make heavy rotation sits for a while, just to see if I have any desire to play it again. I am starting to enjoy it and it did remind me that I once spent a lot of time listening to this sort of stuff, but there’s just not a lot to make it stand out, except that it’s very proficient and technical, which matters little to me. I’ve recently been revisiting my Behead The Prophet NLSL CD. Their spazzy, caustic, and out-of-fucking-control style along with their lyrics—dorky and funny in a self-effacing pseudo-intellectual way— they’re just as awesome as they ever were to listen to! I’m not trying to dig on Yattai, but so far, hearing them just makes me want to listen to Behead The Prophet. Yattai play very efficient genre-based music rather than something truly inspiring and transgressive. I could see why a true believer in screamo (or whatever) could find it no less than awesome, but I guess I expect a little more.

 –Craven Rock (Self-released, no info)