Y, THE: Soooo Intense: 7”

The Y, from Gainesville, just made the journey out to the west coast and I got to see them in Riverside, CA. They played in someone’s bedroom, which had at one time been the garage and was about the size of a small to mid-size car. Despite this, as The Y started to play, the best four-man mosh pit started. I’m talking tackling, running across the kitchen and diving into the room, and quite possibly the most brilliant idea ever – hitting people with other people’s hands. And The Y? They rocked through it all. I’ve been told by two people, on separate occasions, that The Y would change my life. I’ve seen their tattoo on at least five people. The 7” captures all of this pretty well. Best song is either “O.O.C. in the U.S.A.” or “M’ Jus’ Waggin’ M’ Tail A’ ‘Cha,” depending on the mood you’re looking for. Shirts off, dudes on.

 –megan (Sooooo Intense)