XPOZEZ: Democrazy: 7"

Jul 21, 2009

I got this release and was unsure who this band was. I saw on the back of the cover that it was a joint release of Ponk-111 (who sent this to me), BCT, Schizophrenic and Enterruption. Ponk-111 runs a cool little website and is a true lover of old school punk. My brother and I have taped a bunch of stuff for this guy. Schizophrenic is an underrated label from Canada that people need to check out. He’s been putting out great stuff for over ten years. Enterruption I have never heard of before. BCT – I do have a story. When I looked at the insert, I noticed that this came from the classic BCT tape, I Thrash Therefore I Am.  I got that tape from one of my many trips to San Diego during the early '80s while staying at Chris BCT’s house. He was like the punk rock youth hostel. He was hospitable and would take you around to all the cool punk record stores and shows. I forgot about the tape and the band. The insert also informs me that the singer Andy Turner was a later singer for the once great UK band, the Instigators. I did not like his contribution to the band. The Instigators were great during the period of the Cleanse the Bacteria comp and the LP Nobody Listens Anymore. Back to this band. Since it was erased from my memory bank, I feel like I am listening to it for the first time. This was Andy Turner’s earlier band which was a faster UK sound that has that truly live feel to the recording. Like many bands of that period (1983 or 1984), the music is not fluffed up like many of the bands of today. No big production, just music. The music is there for how you want to interpret it. It still has that energy of something new like when I heard a new international band back then. They made music for themselves and it was made available to the world by BCT. If my aging brain remembers correctly, I think the original comp has been repressed on CD by Schizophrenic and I know for sure that BCT has made the original twenty-seven tapes available again. I think you can get them through Sound Idea mailorder. I commend  M-8 at Ponk 111 for digging out a gem from the past to have attention put on it. I know the first press is sold out but a second press is available now. If you are dedicated and want to hear bands from the past, this is a worthy addition to your collection.

 –don (Ponk-111)