XIBALBA: Self-titled: LP: LP

Sep 16, 2011

Xibalba are from California and play gnarly, low end-style metalcore. There are some obvious nods to Midwestern influence in their delivery, with several riffs that sound a lot like Integrity or Ringworm, but they take obvious influence from their Californian bands as well. I’m not too into this style, but I know what’s good, and this stuff is up on the ladder as far as modern metallic hardcore goes. The production is warm, the guitars pack a lot more punch than you hear on records in a similar style these days, and the band does a great job of writing really tense riffs that they push to the perfect point before blasting into something else. Fans of Harms Way/Bitter End and similar bands won’t be disappointed. –Ian Wise (A389)

 –Ian Wise (A389)