X=: This Means Something Else + Now You’re the Planned Obsolescence: Cassettes

Jul 29, 2013

A one- and then two-person band—or recording project, actually—with a pretty heavy nod towards darker post-punk structures and riffs. Sound-wise, it’s all pretty little tinny and kind of forgettable, but the packaging here is top-notch and super creative, with Obsolescence coming housed in a crazy spiral-bound manila booklet with lots of pockets and graphics and foldouts and such. A ton of effort clearly went into these releases, in spite of the fact that This Means Something Else was also recorded over some terrible ‘80s pop that is actually longer than the X= material itself. Pretty jarring when that starts playing at the end of your demo, fellas. Obsolescence has a slightly more menacing low end and sounds a bit better overall. Anyway, not really my thing, but aesthetically these guys rule.

 –keith ([email protected])