X-OFFENDER: Self-titled: 7” EP

Mar 31, 2009

Co-ed cinder block basement booty-stompin’ not unlike a post-larval Thee Fine Lines, although the guitars herein lack some of the boat-caulking wallop of said band’s stout axes. I enjoy records with television sets on the covers. That is all. BEST SONG: “Get It Right” BEST SONG TITLE: “Oh!” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: My house has been recently overrun with box elder bugs. I was in pursuit of one of these creatures while this record was on the turntable, and, as I moved in for the ((literal)) kill, the beetle in question took to the air—only to land smack dab in the middle of Side A, where he was unceremoniously rotated into my stylus, knocking him for a loop. The rest of the extermination process was carried out sans incident.

 –norb (Milk ‘n’ Herpes)