X: More Fun in the New World: LP

Jul 29, 2011

Some of X’s catalogue is being reissued on vinyl by a label in Los Angeles called Porterhouse. More Fun in the Real World is X’s fourth album. At this stage, the band’s songwriting leans away from the more straightforward punk predecessors Los Angeles and Wild Gift. The album contains some great songwriting but gets into the territory of being more for those with an esoteric interest in the band. “I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts” finds the band’s gritty lyrical sensibility being delivered with guitar picking and snare shuffling. It’s a song I would not want to live without. The album also contains a cover of Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Breathless.” All said, it’s pretty essential; a weaker X album is still better than most good albums. A funny thing to me about this release is that it has a sticker on it that confirms that the band approved of the mixes. I can’t imagine them getting together to belabor the mix of More Fun in the Real World, but as long as they’re happy with it...

 –Billups Allen (Porterhouse)

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