Nov 24, 2009

Wrister: This type of stuff rarely comes out of my mouth, but, as with everything I’ve heard of Atlanta’s Wrister (demos, Razorcake Director Toby Tober’s car, etc.), I wish it was recorded better because I think that a fuller recording would reveal a greater power that I can almost hear getting mashed around. (Like blenders in lucite boxes, a sound comes through, but not the roar.). It’s catchy anthem DIY punk, parts Hot Water Music, parts ADD/C, parts GC5, and I wish I didn’t have to squint to hear the intricacies. The North Trolls: Two bands don’t make a movement, but the North Trolls would be a perfect match-up with Thee Makeout Party. DIY punks deconstructing and reinventing the Beach Boys: fun, sour, bouncy, dark pop that’s comfortable with sleeping on strangers’ floors and drinking half-drunk beers first thing upon waking up.

 –todd (No Breaks)