WRISTER / NORTH TROLLS: Aww Shit!: Split: 7"

Mar 08, 2010

Wrister blasts out some heartfelt punk tunes on this split. They play stuff that’s akin to the lo-fi stylings of Friendly Fire and Jetman. Their song, “What Goes Down” has a lot of guitar noodling, but Wrister pulls off the rock licks without making their sound too pretentious. On the other side, North Trolls have a playful pop sound layered with harmonies. They have that whole They Might Be Giants vibe/sound going for them. In their track “Cheap Drugs,” they lift the vocal melody from the old song “Can’t Help Falling in Love”(of Elvis Presley and UB40 fame) to segue into the guitar solo and finish using the rest of the leftover melody for the ending of their song. It’s sort of a nerdy songwriting trick but, damn, they know how to make some catchy tunes.

 –N.L. Dewart (No Breaks)