WRETCHED ONES, THE: 'Rut' b/w 'Lady Boss': 7"

Oct 23, 2008

To support their recent, triumphant fourth album, Make It Happen, two of the best songs from that release appear on this great-sounding 7”. This single is well worth checking out for its hilarious back sleeve alone (a photo representation of the boss that’s “giving me a raise” in the song “Lady Boss”). I can’t get enough of this inexplicably amazing band. Few oi/streetpunk bands blend humor into their otherwise tough-sounding music as perfectly as The Wretched Ones. There aren’t too many bands left from the East Coast 1990s streetpunk revolution, but, luckily, the mighty Wretched Ones won’t die down. I’m ready for album number five already, but I’ll be in line even if takes another near decade. Will listening to this record repeatedly lower your IQ? Maybe. But who in their right mind believes in IQ tests anyway?

 –Art Ettinger (Headache)