Jan 24, 2008

It took them almost a decade, but the irresistible Wretched Ones finally return with their fourth full-length album. The Wretched Ones are one of the few surviving bands from the oi/streetpunk boom of the 1990s. Perhaps they’ve endured since they truly do live the working class existence that other bands only purport to. They work blue collar jobs and don’t try to make a career out of the band. Live shows reveal that they have some of the most ribald fans of any active band of today. They traditionally sing about being old and working themselves to the bone, and it’s been wise of them to take so long between records since all four albums are essential. While there are no songs as catchy as “Bicycle Jack” or any of their occasional melodic songs from the past, every track on here retains that Wretched magic that fans know and love. New classics include “Skin Neighbor” and “Lady Boss.” It’s always been hard to explain why this seemingly dopey music is so damn effective, but nothing gets us fans going the way The Wretched Ones do. This new batch of laugh out loud lyrics you can raise your fist in the air to, belted out by vocalist Pit, will provide years of fun for a bourgeoning new generation of Wretched fans.

 –Art Ettinger (Headache)

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