WRETCHED OF THE EARTH: Fire to Their Houses: LP

Self proclaimed anti-colonial d-beat, Wretched Of The Earth are both heavy and beautiful. They have a nice balance between the two adjectives. The drum and bass are furiously quick and full-sounding, while the dual guitars sparkle through solos around a thread of rhythmic melodies. Two deep, raspy voices rise up over top, spitting about subjects of subjection and oppression at the hands of pious colonial settlers, as well as the residual impact into this century. I love this stuff and often play records like this while I’m falling asleep. This particular record has six tracks, most of which are each five or six minutes long. The instrumental breakdowns are peppered throughout each song, during which the guitar work is reminiscent of slower Maiden. Lyrics are exceptional as well. The last lines of the titular track are especially haunting: “subvert, set flame, refute, reclaim / subvert, set flame, they perish, we remain.” Wretched Of The Earth is intelligent and memorable. 

 –Kayla Greet (1859, 1859records.bandcamp.com / wretchedofhteearth.bandcamp.com)