When I saw that I had a release from In The Red, I thought, “Cool! They put out some good stuff.” This album by Wounded Lion, however, is not one of them. I can’t tell if the vocals and lyrics are supposed to be funny or not. The vocals are so dull and deadpanned I almost can’t help but think it’s all part of the band’s “thing,” but who knows? The lyrics include singing about episodes of The Love Boat and Batman, monkeys, and someone named Jim. The band also lifts a line or two from Black Flag’s “Depression,” that makes The Dirty Projectors’ cover of the song sound intense. Their track “Black Ops” is some sort of repetitive sonic torture reminiscent of “The Song That Never Ends.” Except, thankfully, it does. The music is predominantly fuzzy garage rock, which is okay in its on right, but, frankly, I’m getting tired of hearing so many bands play it the past few years. What I’d love to see Wounded Lion do is more songs along the line of the fifth track, “Going into the Unknown,” a darker, slower tune that doesn’t have the garage rock but keeps the fuzzy guitar sound and which the vocals also compliment. Unfortunately, it’s the only track like it on the album. Shame.

 –kurt (In The Red)