WORSHIT: Self-titled: EP

Lawdy! Lawdy! This is some good stuff. Hailing from sunny Moscow, Russia comes the blazing Worshit. Listening to this has me grinning from ear to ear and wanting more. It’s that damn good. They are definitely punk with jumpy beats, a gritty guitar distortion, and a vocalist who sounds like he’s gurgling on blood and throat tissue (yet through it all, the words come out nice and clear). Kind of like Satz from the Lewd. Most of the songs are mid tempo. Sometimes they pick up the pace, but no matter how they’re dishing it out, it’s done with blunt force. All the songs on here are great, musically and lyrically. They don’t pull punches, opt to tell it like it is, and offer some astute political observations (“Numbers” and “Worshit”) that apply to the American political landscape as well. I guess the apathy disease is worldwide?

 –M.Avrg (Worshit, [email protected])