WORRIERS: Sinead O’ Rebellion: 7”

Infectious melodies and clear, catchy lyrics merge together with a sound rhythm section, led by a powerful voice and crisp lead guitar parts. Worriers remind me a lot of The Measure [sa]. Undulating vocals that come at you full force but never loose tone or inflection. Songs are about growing up in a state of rebellion and keeping sight of your values, even if they’re alternative ones. In the title track of the release, singer Lauren Denitzio proclaims: “I align myself with the likes of those who rip up photos on broadcast TV / speaking truthfully isn’t quite as easy as making your family happy.” Worriers seem to be driven mostly by Denitzio, who wrote all the tracks on the release and plays lead guitar, though the other three musicians are not lacking any relevance in the band. Beautiful guitar solos wail throughout the record on the wings of the steady and melodic rhythm section with great talent. “Get Bored” is one of the best break up songs I’ve heard in a long time. “When I’m working my way up, you’re hanging with a scum punk / it’s all a turn off / it doesn’t matter anyway / you’ve got the good times, I’ve got my Chinese take-away.” I love that it’s an open-ended song about relationships in general; friend fall outs are just as harsh as break ups. There is a gorgeous lyrical cadence that travels the length of this release which got me singing along on the first listen. They won me over with this 7” and I’m eagerly looking forward to what they do in the future. 

 –Kayla Greet (Yo Yo)