WORRIERS: Cruel Optimist: 8-song LP

May 21, 2014

“Worriers” and “warriors” are homophones. When I say ‘em out loud, they sound similar. On record, Lauren Denitzio’s exploration of her vulnerabilities is what makes her songs so strong, what makes the Worriers so compelling. She’s got a wonderful voice and it runs the gamut on this record from exuberant and strident, to romantic, to questioning, to angry, to resolute. That’s a broad range for a voice to convey. It shows the complexity of not merely bumping through life, but living it. As a collection of songs, there’s a sea change afoot, as happens with age and an inspected life. Some people around Lauren are giving up and giving in. Their ideals are being swapped like fashion accessories of conspicuous consumption. Instead of flat-out blame, Lauren digs deeper into herself. At the end, we must find ourselves. We are our own captains. We are our own ship. Take care of yourself. That’s not a bad headspace for a record to put the careful listener into. It’s, at its essence, a thoughtful pop punk record. Also features Rachel of Bridge And Tunnel, Mikey “Million Bands” Yannich, and Tim Burke! of The Measure [SA]. Beautiful, emotionally smart music. 

 –todd (Don Giovanni, dongiovannirecords.com / worriers.bandcamp.com / laurendenitzio.com)