Jun 13, 2014

There’s taking yourself seriously, and there’s Taking Yourself Seriously. With more theatrical music, often the intention, and subsequent elevation to caps status, can become a stumbling block: if an audience spends too much time wondering about intention then the music can be obscured by the art of the thing (or, perhaps, The Art Of The Thing), you dig? Worried Mothers manage to deliver a well-played, highly performative set of diverse-yet-cohesive songs without tripping over themselves. The singer’s vocals are high-pitched and flamboyant, like that nineties band Placebo. This was certainly recorded on a budget, with all the requisite rawness, and hits in a well-organized blast in which everything is audible but it all kinda blurs around the edges for max effect. I dig the occasional keys, which punch through the mix. There’s occasional flat-out aggression, which provides a nice counterpoint to the more subdued numbers, some of which contain little melodic hooks which remind me of Guided By Voices. 

 –Michael T. Fournier (Doom Town)