WORMWORD: Self-titled: CDEP

Wormword is a two-man band (one guy plays drums and the other plays guitar, bass, and sings) comprised of members of Doomriders and Cast Iron Hike. Their sound is reminiscent of the intensity and heaviness of Germany’s Tranewreck, but darker and sludgier. With only five songs, it’s hard to get a good feel for what the band’s potential is. Much of the sound was redundant, but the lead track, “Hollow Black Eyes,” was the standout. The music pulls back part way through and then kicks back in and ends with a guitar solo. Nothing fancy, but it helped make for some diversity compared to the following songs which all seemed to just go on with nothing to decipher one from another. If they could put out another album with some diversity, I’d be game, but as it stands now I think I’ll pass. 

 –kurt (Patac)