WORMEATERS: Wardeath: 7”

Nov 24, 2010

Wow! You get slapped right in the face as soon as the needle drops. Fast punk rock that brought up thoughts of the early Mystic comps meets Negative Approach. Vocals are delivered with a vile scream that surely takes days to recover from. The bass guitar seems pulled up in the mix. It has a sort of live feel to it. I hear a bright thud tone with a bit of distortion mixed in. The guitar sound is what gives it the ‘80s sound—a bit pulled back in the mix but recorded with an interesting tone. It doesn’t have that Marshall half stack sound but more of a vintage combo amp sound: dirty yet clean with the use of a lot of reverb. Four out of the five songs blast by with manic speed. But the song that was saved for last was perfect for the ending. “Scabs” is the one slow song that shows the most power with the liberal use of reverb for the vocals. The heavy chords coming from the guitar, accented by the bass, strike a nerve and add to the anger. I get thoughts of Black Flag’s Damaged. From what I have heard, this band should be making more waves in the future.

 –don (Sorry State)

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