Kevin Nunn, the principle songwriter in Wormburner, previously spent his time in North Lincoln. Wormburner, perhaps inevitably, is less muscular than that band—Wormburner’s shooting for a much more restrained post-punk or indie rock vibe, and there’s no doubt that it’s done really well. There’s an Archers Of Loaf cover, and these guys (who have since gone on to be in bands like Blank States, Swearin’, and Shores) can set those guitars a-twinklin’ and keep those rhythm sections dense, varied, and dynamic. I’ve never really been a fan of the genre, but I can recognize craftsmanship and, who knows, maybe it’ll grow on me. And I’ll totally admit that comparing bands to its members’ previous output is totally lame, and yet… and yet… after I finish listening to this, I’ll most likely pull out a North Lincoln record.

 –keith (Tapes Not Bombs)