WORM QUARTET: Faster Than a Speeding Mullet: CD

Apr 17, 2009

To (mis)quote the ever-quotable Spinal Tap, there’s a fine line between genius and stupidity, and Worm Quartet straddle both sides of that line with ease. They (actually “he,” I guess) write catchy, synth-driven tunes about shit so silly that it makes the Dickies seem like perennial scowlers Discharge. As proof to back such a serious allegation, I submit the following song titles: “(I Wanna Wipe) A Booger On Dan (Rather),” “Let’s Make Fun of the Amish,” “Wookie Weenie,” “Eskimo Pie Is Not Pie and Contains Very Little Eskimo,” and “Ode to Ziplock the African Albino Claw-Footed Water Frog,” quite possibly the most poignant love song to a lost pet since Manilow’s “Mandy.” I am pleased to report that Worm Quartet remain both at the top of their game and a personal favorite. 

 –jimmy (Worm Quartet)