Nov 30, 2010

I am a huge World/Inferno fan, so when I saw there was some new material following 2007’s Addicted to Bad Ideas I was stoked, even if it was only three songs. This is a bit of an oddity though, even for such a weird band as the multi-member cabaret punk collective that is World Inferno. This single is composed of the three a cappella songs done in multi-part harmony by the band back in 2006 that were never released until now. One of the songs, “Paul Robeson,” has been recorded at least twice before by the full band, and the other two songs “The Devil Boy’s Last Hurrah,” and “Istanbul, Drowned Blue Shoes” appear to be unique to this release. The songs are deftly done and a lot better sounding than, say, Jub Jub, but these feel more like pleasant oddities rather than really essential pieces of the bands discography. Still, it is nice to have more material from the band in some form.

 –Adrian (Team Science, [email protected])

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