WORLD BURNS TO DEATH: Totalitarian Sodomy: LP

Jul 24, 2007

A highly anticipated second release from this Austin, TX powerhouse. Continuing on from their 2002 debut LP The Sucking of the Missile Cock, the band really took their time in releasing their next full length. They did put out an ample supply of 7”s and splits to keep the hungry at bay. But it was well worth the wait. The production is top notch with everything mixed at the right level, achieving a power level that should knock most flat out on their ass. Hard hitting, a boot-to-the-stomach music that reaches a level of perfection that many try to achieve but fall short. Even though I do own a few of their earlier releases, I hate to say it; I think this record makes their previous material almost forgettable. It is that enjoyable from start to finish; a feeling of extended rage that is so fierce, that it makes you pay attention, while their early material focused more on speed. A lot of the new material displays better musicianship and slows things down a tad to better express the power. Guitar riffs that have an early KISS meets Motörhead metal feel mixed with the punk/hardcore. Drums and bass that drive the lower octaves that make subwoofers push hard so that you can definitely hear and feel what is being played. Jack Control’s dark signature vocal delivery layered right on top of the mayhem ties everything together for a cohesive barrage of power. I know many who have knowledge of this band have already purchased this release, myself included. I usually don’t review my personal purchases anymore. But if a release is assigned to me or requested, I will review it. Even though this has been out a few months, I hope someone reading this will check out this release and get introduced to another side of punk that is different from the more mainstream. I believe after hearing this, a high percentage would be more inclined to search out other great DIY releases that are out there.

 –don (Hardcore Holocaust)