WORLD BURNS TO DEATH: The Graveyard of Utopia: LP

Oct 23, 2008

Amid the grim darkness of World Burns To Death, on this record, bring into focus a few of the atrocities Russia committed from the early stages of Communism to more recent times, as well as taking to task the Western intellectuals who turned a blind eye to it all. World Burns To Death do an excellent job at conveying the ugly mood and despair through their music and lyrics. As much as the music is dynamic and crushing at the core, this is some depressing music, which I imagine is what it is supposed to be. More convincing than a large majority of bands who attempt the same message. I’m not saying this to discount the band. Quite the opposite. Truth is, World Burns To Death are one of the very few truly relevant bands out there. And this is perhaps their best release yet. “Wormwood Star,” with Ashley Marshall, of Signal Lost, adding vocals, is one of their best songs yet. 

 –M.Avrg (Prank)

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