WORLD BURNS TO DEATH: Human Dogs… Tossed to the Dogs of War: 7"

Jul 28, 2009

WBTD charges out tooth-chipping, frantic, and complexly played political hardcore that has Russian writing all over it (although it's sung in English). The band is oddly – yet refreshingly – historically political. One song references Kursk, calling it "Scheissekrieg" (shit war). Fuck it. Might as get some WWII history from punk. It doesn't seem to fit into many school books nowadays. (The Battle of Kursk, between the Germans and Russians, engaged more than four million soldiers, thirteen thousand armored vehicles, and eleven thousand aircraft. Lemmy of Motorhead's been quoted as saying it was his favorite tank battle because it was the biggest.) There are more than a couple of Crass elements that WBTD employs – from the vivid brutality of war cover art, to the layering of vocals (one singing, one talking), to the cacophony that makes you think the band's going to melt down like a faulty nuclear reactor at any time – but they definitely don't sound like a clone band living off of past glories from battles fought. It sounds like war anew.

 –todd (Prank)

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