WORLD B: Self-titled: CD

Sep 18, 2001

I picked this up for a few bucks when I saw them play in Pittsburgh. The cover art is badly xeroxed - I picked this up expecting mediocre sound quality of decent but unimpressive punk rock. Boy was I wrong. This is amazing! For one thing, they get that the first song is the intro to the CD - and sets a tone. “Construction Parasite” starts with ethereal vocals and light music before exploding into a loud, fast, and brutal diatribe against corporate rule of America killing mom and pop stores. Amy’s vocals remind me a bit of Amy from Nausea, but in parts she actually sings, like with what your mom would call a good voice. There are lots of catchy sing-along parts for a rough sounding band, which makes for a good mix of styles throughout this CD. Lyrics are about alienation, domestic abuse, bitterness - some standard punk subjects but slightly more poetic than most I hear. Another highlight for me is “Sex Vs. Love” with the opening line “Yeah, I know you want my body baby, but do you want my mind?” My complaints on this are 1.) Put some contact info on your CD, silly. 2.) Have the lyrics in the order of the songs (lots of bands don’t do this, and it always annoys me).

 –rich (Frog Star, no contact info)

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