Working for the Man: Stories from behind the Cubicle Wall: Edited by Jeffrey Yamaguchi, paperback, 100 pgs. By Sean Carswell

Feb 02, 2011

Working for the Man is one of those books that I started to flip through, just to see what was inside, and ended up sitting down and reading half of it right away. It’s that engaging. It’s a collection of stories about working a white collar job and hating it, kind of like a Temp Slave, if Temp Slave got hired full-time. The stories give a good amount of insight as to why office work sucks, but almost all of the stories manage to avoid the “just bitching about your job” trappings by injecting healthy doses of humor. At times, the stories go even deeper, giving a glimpse into why people act the way they do, why corporate jobs are so dehumanizing, and how people fight back for their little bit of humanity. It was especially interesting for me to read this book because I’ve never a worked a full-time, white collar job. I’ve never sat in an office, staring at a computer and three cubicle walls, getting annoyed by inter-office memos and staff meetings, trying to kill time by going to the bathroom or hanging out at the water cooler. It’s all foreign soil for me. Even though I couldn’t relate to it all on a first hand basis, our society is so completely dominated by this kind of corporate office mindset that I could definitely see the humor and enjoy it.Working for the Man is a quick read. Very enjoyable. I highly recommend it. -Sean (Stroboscope Productions, PO Box 20403, Brooklyn, NY11202)

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