WORKIN STIFFS, THE: Dog Tired...And Then Some: CD

Sep 11, 2009

If you’ve ever wondered what the Swingin’ Utters would sound like if they dropped the Pogues influence, check out The Workin’ Stiffs. It’s solid, fast street punk with a lot of hooks and good songs to growl along to. The Workin’ Stiffs are another band who has taken entirely too long between albums. Their first TKO album, Liquid Courage, still spends a lot of time in my CD player, and their EP, Through Thick and Thin, is pretty cool, too. So, like most of their fans, I kept waiting for a new album and The Workin’ Stiffs kept slacking off. To tide the fans over, though, they’ve released Dog Tired…And Then Some. It’s a collection of the Workin’ Stiffs early stuff, including their first LP, Dog Tired, plus the songs from two seven inches and from one compilation. Obviously, it won’t show how they’ve grown as a band, but there are some really cool songs on here. They cover songs by GBH, the Cockney Rejects, and Sham 69 and also do fifteen original songs. My favorite is still “Wiggum” – a song about a cop. So I’m happy for now, but I’m still looking forward to some new stuff from these guys.

 –jimmy (TKO)

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