WOOLY MAMMOTH: The Temporary Nature: CD

Nov 28, 2006

Ferocious, steamy, sinewy hard rock from this DC trio. First full length for a band that evokes the spirit of bands like Blue Cheer and Pentagram but adds their own sweat into the crevices. Songs like “Head Full of Collision” and “The Middle Way” have been honed in their live setting for awhile. But new songs like “Black Spider, Red Spider” bristle with energy as lead singer/guitarist Zac Eller wails “driving with the doors locked/highway 88/heading out to Carderrock/Are you ready to say goodbye?” Bassist Kyle Connelly and drummer Phil Adler do their part to expertly push the tunes into overdrive, especially on killer jams like “Slow Love” and “Liberasaur.” Why else would Wino lay down some guitar lick on the epic “Mammoth Bones?” Cause the extinct have risen and they will have their way with the living. Wooly Mammoth is leading the charge. Even Tony Iommi would give this “two-pinky’s” up!

 –koepenick (Underdogma)