Jul 28, 2014

One thing that really gets to me is when there is no information about the bands, songs, or label included with a record. I really get into listening to a record while reading lyrics or about the band. Getting a feel for what they are all about. This record has nothing but band names, song titles, and the name of the label. Ah well, let’s focus on the music. Woolworm is very dreamy indie pop that brought back memories of bands like Eric’s Trip. I like it. Grown-Ups are more upbeat and definitely have more of a “Razorcake-y” thing going on. This is the band that really grabs me on this record. I guess I’m going to have to go online and search more stuff out by them. This is a solid release… Wait, I’m back after looking the bands up. Apparently these bands are both from my part of the globe. Woolworm are from Vancouver and Grown-Ups were (sadly now defunct) from Calgary. Yay Canada!

 –ty (Debt Offensive)