WONK UNIT: Nervous Racehorse: CD

The too-cliché-to-be-relevant adage of “never judge a book by its cover” applies here. I get this CD in the mail: four Brits too old to be wearing their hats sideways and too European to be throwing up “Westside,” even if it is meant to be ironic. I reluctantly put this in the player and waited impatiently through the first song, an acoustic one that used the word “titties.” Sigh. What came after was a pleasant surprise. Think Descendents when you put on tracks like “Nan” and “Go Easy.” Fucking great, right? Short songs. Fast songs. There are some things I don’t get here. Some tracks seem to drift off course. Maybe I’m too far “across the pond” to get it, but the tracks that do work, work well.

 –John Mule (TNS)