May 21, 2014

With cheesy cover art and cheesier guitar solos, I initially classified this one as simple yet harmless dadcore. Then I got to a track called “Space Girl”: “Now it’s time to take a taste / Of the slags from outer space.” Seconds later, a middle-aged man crooned off-key: “I don’t care if you’re a dyke, girl.” What the hell?! Then, he goes on to sing about how this girl should “get off of her knees” because he doesn’t want to “taste her disease.” Every other song is just about an old man longing for love. Where did this patriarchal, heteronormative crap come from? I knew it was shit the moment I looked at it, but I didn’t know it was sexist shit too. This makes me mad and sad at the same time. Ugh. 

 –Alanna Why (Self-released)