WOMEN IN PRISON: Demo: Cassette

Mar 29, 2011

You had me at the band name. Then when I hear lyrics like, “I resist Christian morals…” (from “The Births of Rot”) I get all weak kneed. So nice to hear. Are they garage? Are they hardcore? Who really cares? The music on here rips! Loud, ugly, burly low end, and fucked up! Kind of sounds like a mix of No Trend, Flipper, and Black Flag. The guitar and bass are one big mass of distortion, the vocalist sounds a little “off,” and the drums chop it up nice and hideous. Starts off with some early Black Flag style in the form of “Suicidal Exit,” then they crank it up with songs like “Strange Waves” and “Reaction.” I like the guitar solo in the song “Circles & Circles.” It’s simple, dirty, and to the point, but a nice touch. “Shovel” sounds heavily influenced by Flipper, with the repetitive riff, length, and the way the vocals are delivered. Great way to end the tape. I hear that someone from Total Abuse is in this band. Hmmm... Seriously, one of the best demos I’ve ever heard.

 –M.Avrg ([email protected])