WOMBELS: Wompologic Adventures: CD

Jan 14, 2010

I know fuckall about these guys, but so far as I’m able to glean from what little information is here, it looks as if the Wombels are a German band on the verge of celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary. This is a collection of tunes spanning the breadth of their existence, though the lion’s share of tracks here date from the ‘90s. There are definite hardcore tendencies in evidence to complement the pop punk they deal mostly in, though it must be said that is meant in the ‘80s sense more than the modern connotation, meaning they sound closer to the Hard-Ons and Hostages Of Ayatollah than Blink-182 and crap like that. Some really, really good tunes are crammed onto this disc, enough so that I’m flummoxed as to why I haven’t come across them sooner. Then again, for all I know they’re fuggin’ millionaire international stars and I’m the only dweeb on the planet who ain’t in the know. If the latter, they deserve it.

 –jimmy (sp-records.com)