Woman You Write Poems About, The: By Danielle (Dani) Montgomery, 76 pgs. By Craven

Mar 19, 2010

that poetry should be, stories and thoughts that couldn't be easily conveyed in another medium. It's passionately honest and unsparing. Dani's poetry speaks for the impoverished and the downtrodden. For instance, single mothers overwriting checks at the grocery store with their kids or else on the phone with their social workers trying to get welfare. There are poems about a mentally-ill mother (who just might be her) having homicidal thoughts about killing the children she truly loves. This volume reveals a landscape of damage that is the America we live in, whether it's talking about watching the Obama election in the psych ward or the homeless bum pissing on the wall outside her apartment, “I loved the sound of him pissing/in congratulations/yes congratulations/we have lived through another night.” If there is a lower class she is in it. Her poems are spare and short but they stick with you. This is legitimate, real gut-writing. Whatever it takes to be a great poet and to redeem the medium from all the bullshit context it's picked over the years, she's got it. Hopefully, she won't be ignored and overlooked like the truly disenfranchised usually are. –Craven Rock (Civil Defense Poetry, PO Box 11812, Berkeley, CA 94712, [email protected]