WOLFPACK: Seen Not Herd: CD

Jan 13, 2016

Pretty pissed-off shit from this Melbourne, Australia three piece. Wolfpack sets their sights on corporate music, corruption in the church, and rampant consumerism—among other things—with conviction. Most of this disc veers toward the metal side of the punk spectrum but, thankfully, isn’t full of guitar wanking. Musically, the Pack is pretty much spot-on: tight riffing, interesting instrumental interplay, and spirited drumming. I mean these guys aren’t reinventing the wheel here or anything, but I have no complaints and the band apparently chooses to give any profit they make from the band into charities. Profits from this CD all go to a dog rescue organization, which I am totally behind.

 –Garrett Barnwell (Sudden Death, suddendeath.com)