Apr 27, 2009

A million times better than I was expecting, and I was expecting quite a bit. Since the days when they were known as Wolfpack, these guys have been a consistent favorite, so the bar is always raised high. They have a habit of raising that bar a bit higher all the time. I did think the last couple records, thought not horrible, were not as awesome as the previous (I’m still keeping them in my collection, no doubt). Here, they deliver in full. Sonic D-beat that obliterates all in its path. Makes most seem like amateurs. All thirteen songs are absolute rippers. They can hammer down like no tomorrow and hit you with a melody at the same time. If you like bands like Tragedy, or the Victims, then you need to get this. Wolfbrigade were doing it before them and all that have followed, and really, doing it better. “Skulls of Doom” is unbelievable. The tempo is raging, guitars are thrashing, drums are crashing, then here comes this melodic guitar over the noisy din that sends it over the edge. Fuggin’ awesome! Every song is a jaw dropper. There’s a song like “Barren Dreams” that rages, then there’s “The Race of the Wrath” that goes even further. Raging like mad, then they shift to a mid-tempo break and back to the fast and speedy in a blink. It may be premature to state this, but this album is a classic. Easily.

 –M.Avrg (Deranged)