WOLF-FACE: Self-titled: CD-R EP

Mar 27, 2012

At first, I thought this may have been a long lost demo of Tom Lyle (of G.I.’s) first band, Beaver. But it actually is a transfer of a release that used to be on cassette. This project seems to be the brainstorm of a mysterious figure named Michael J. Wolf. Mr. Wolf hails from the backwaters of Florida. Although it looks like this may be a four-piece, based on the number of ass cheeks displayed within the inside cover. I’m totally not kidding about that part. I love that the lyrics are included, since there seems to be some thought behind them. “Give Me a Keg of Beer” professes his love for the suds and blasts into your head like a beer bong that you couldn’t pull off. “Be a Man” discuss the Teen Wolf fascination in a little more depth. Sound-wise, I’m guessing some D4 and Dead Mechanical may have been on the stereo next to the empty pizza boxes and tall blondes (Miller Hi-Lifes). Solid hit out of the park gentlemen. Can’t wait for WF II!

 –koepenick (Self-released)

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