WLOCHATY: Wbrew Wszystkiemu: LP

Nov 24, 2010

This LP came with an informative bio. Interesting facts are that the band formed in 1987 in Poland, recorded a bunch of releases, played many a show, and have shared the stage with Oi Polloi and Conflict. None of which I had any idea of, but I have heard the name before. But that was about all I have heard of the band. Coming in with fresh ears, I can focus on this only and not be biased by anything I have heard from the past. First impressions are good. I like that this record was recorded with a very strong production. Instruments sound powerful and the levels are matched evenly. Musically, I hear a blend of old U.K. anarcho punk in the likes of Conflict, Icons Of Filth and the Varukers. I also hear a lot of similarities to a current band like the Restarts. Mid-tempo to fast songs are their bread and butter but they are not afraid to add other elements to the music. At times, incorporate some reggae elements in some songs and go acoustic in another. But what I really appreciate is the melody in songs with the sing-a-long choruses. The other aspect of the music is the hard-rocking edge that pushes the message forward. Their socio and political lyrics are well thought out and you can hear the conviction in the delivery. It’s a nice, varied collection of songs that one doesn’t tire quickly in listening to. I guess I need to do some searching to hear what their previous output sounds like.

 –don (Pasazer)

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