WITHOUT M.F. ORDER: Desentivity Training: CD

Jan 24, 2008

Kevin from Limecell once told me that he sings from the neck up, no diaphragm needed. He’s got a kindred spirit in Captain Perverto, fellow practitioner of the Cookie Monster (style), “I will end you” (substance) vocal arts. But it’s the humor and conviction as much as the sandpaper singing and metallic punk that win me over to the occasional Confederacy of Scum band. While I have no doubt that Without M.F. Order can mop the floor with any dude in the joint Desentivity Training is a relatively tame record. Sure “This Blood’s for You” is kind of funny but it’s kind of dull. The anti-gay lyrics later in the record are to be expected—more predictable than offensive—but I’m confused by the “Parental Advisory” label and the decision to abbreviate “motherfucker” in the band name, seems rather pragmatic, if not sensitive. I can’t imagine a guy like Captain Perverto making such concessions.

 –Mike Faloon (www.blackandbluerecords.com)