Jan 07, 2008

Great record. Witches With Dicks have a very familiar sound, but at no point do they sound stale. In fact, they take a familiar formula and transfer it into something out of this world, like somebody’s secret chili recipe that just knocks your socks off—all the usual components are there, but somehow Witches With Dicks’ stew achieves zesty magnificence where others taste like the same old shit. This is ten tracks of raw and inventive rock‘n’roll that never failed to nail me to the wall, and the vocal harmonies are the screaming end. And the drummer is not just a 4/4-time boom-tap-boom-tap drummer; like the great Ringo Starr, this guy plays the drums not only as a means of providing tempo, but as a means of accentuating the sound through counterpoint while filling out the job begun by the vocals and guitars. This is a full package: an inspired rhythm section, a rugged and desperate guitar sound, well-placed and well-laced organs, and vocal harmonies swirling like a barbed double helix of DNA. All I know is that Manual rocks and rocks and rocks and you’d be a fool not to try this chili, at the very least.

 –Eric Carlson (Kiss of Death)

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