WITCHES WITH DICKS: American Railroads: 7”EP

Mar 27, 2008

At the risk of sounding like a total hypocrite, here goes. Witches With Dicks, with American Railroads and their full-length, Manual, owe a great deal to the Dillinger Four collection, This Shit Is Genius. But, by whatever alchemy of time, space, and acoustics, they have created a companion piece, nigh over a decade later, that rocks just as hard, and without qualifier. I mean, sakes alive, there are riff-by-riff duplicated chord progressions, coupled with Paddy-toned singing, and it—amazingly because stuff like this usually bums me out—doesn’t bother me in the slightest because Witches With Dicks seem to have come to the same musical conclusions as D4-at-that-time. They actually add to what seemed like a finite catalog. And that’s important: ending up at the same place musically is a much more genuine approach than merely mirroring—or pantomiming—an influential band’s “hot licks,” “killer breakdowns,” or “awesome guitar sound.” Yeah, WWD broke up. It even says it on the repress of this 7”. They had “space shuttle” potential, my friend. Blew up when they were really taking off. Too bad.

 –todd (Shock To The System / Kiss of Death)

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