WITCH HUNT:: : Burning Bridges to Nowhere: CD

Jul 02, 2009

Haven’t listened to first two records in awhile now and it’s been a few years since I’ve seen them live. Never did get around to burning them on to the computer to get them into the rotation of listening on the iPod, either. But I do have good recollection that I liked them a lot. So I had no apprehension getting this little slab of plastic for review. Since this was on CD, I imported the music right away without a listen. Had that gut feeling that I was not going to be disappointed. After I downloaded the songs, it was time for a sample of what was in store. The first song, “Blind Eyes, Blind Lives,” leads off the bunch with some hard-charged energy. But the second track, “Everyday,” sparked my interest up to a new level. Right off the bat, I noticed the texturing and layers of the dual guitar mixture. Adding the male/female vocal delivery added another element of perfection. The dreariness of the mood of the song made this an instant favorite. This song alone shows the maturity and growth of this band. But it did not end there. The entire release is consistent and, surprisingly, I did not find one track that put me off. A combination of not having an overtly raw production, excellent song structures, and tight musicianship makes this an enjoyable listening experience. The music is ambitious and it shows why this band is heralded.

 –don (Alternative Tentacles)