WITCH HUNT: Blood Red States: LP

Mar 31, 2009

This band is better than I remember. Listening to this, I totally get why people are stoked on this band. Hard-driving political punk with a multi-vocal attack bolstered by a dual guitar assault and crashing drums. A bit generic in parts, but the delivery sounds passionate and the energy possessed within the grooves of this record are undeniable. They’re angry, yet they don’t sloganeer, and they don’t try to guilt you out for the cause. The opener, “Desperation” is okay, but not the best track and doesn’t measure up to what lays in store for the rest of the record. “Take It All Away” is a total rager. Starts off a little unassuming, then ka-blam! They give it all over to a blasting tempo and shredding vocals. Then you get the bass line that knifes through to “Twenty-Five.” Good, good, good! Originally pressed on Profane Existence a couple years back, and now available again, self-released by the band, and on dark red vinyl.

 –M.Avrg (Witch Hunt)

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