WIRE: Send: CD

Jul 09, 2009

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this. Seeing as the odds have been stacked against old punk bands releasing anything interesting, and that Wire has been all over the musical map over the last three decades, one must approach a new Wire album with some trepidation. Lo and behold, it’s pretty interesting. There’s a high “art” quotient to the music, but things are still very noisy, and strangely eclectic, sometimes touching upon their Pink Flag days, other times sounding vaguely like Coil, and then going off on a tangent you’d expect from a contemporary band like Trans Am. Some will probably blow this off as sounding like shit because none of the tunes qualify as a sequel to “12XU,” but this bad boy is gonna get a lotta spins around this boy’s house. Nice to know that at least some of the geezers still get what the whole thing was about.

 –jimmy (www.pinkflag.com)