WINKS: self-titled: 7"

Dec 01, 2009

When the band won’t even put down their beers to get their picture taken for the cover of their seven inch, it means that they’re either 1) alcoholics, 2) tough broads, or 3) trying to look like alcoholic, tough broads. Ignoring the fact that I’ve been reading about one of the members of The Winks in Snakepit for the past year and judging solely by the music, I’m gonna guess tough broads. They have a trashy, rock’n’roll sound to them, kinda like the Dirty Sweets or Loli and the Chones, though they sound a little younger and a little more hollow than Loli and the Chones. Still, these are four pretty rockin’ songs, full of Lone Star and attitude.

 –sean (Super Secret)