WINGNUT DISHWASHERS UNION: Burn the Earth, Leave It Behind: CD

Mar 29, 2011

Every once in a while I come across a record that, once I’ve finished listening to it, makes me say, “Wow. That really was time well spent.” This is such a record for me, and it’s what I think a punk rock singer/songwriter record should sound like: urgent and exuberant, varied in its music, and thoughtful in its lyrics. All sorts of musical influences creep into these songs and the final result is somewhat like a sonic patchwork in the best possible way—one doesn’t normally realize how good a harmonica can sound on a punk tune. The variety of the melodies and instrumentation belies, however, the remarkable consistency this record achieves since the fundamental thesis never wavers: resist the powers that be and be a slave to no one and no thing. Great record.

 –Eric Carlson (D.I.Y. Bandits, [email protected])