Mar 29, 2011

My fever is still going strong but writing with the pitch—Winelord is helping, a good ol’ rock’n’roll party, like a nice, cool washcloth on my head. Feels soothing. Not too much, but a solid thrust of sound and energy. They have been playing for some ten years at least, because I’d left Tucson then and they have continued to lay down the rock law. Looks like the same girls in the band as before, from what I can tell from the rock names and the crazy photoshopped cover of them half-eaten by a giant horned dog (a cover deep in the Bloat Records tradition). Not as off-kilter as other Bloat bands (Mondo Guano, Doo Rag, Pork Torta, Bebe And Serge) but a fine, fine addition to them and your record player on the mantle. Fever still raging, but happy.

 –mike (Bloat,