WINDOWSILL, THE / DEECRACKS: Reconsider Fisto: 10”

Fisto, the rough-bearded, iron-fisted woodsman of Eternia. Deecracks deliver the twist waist and power punch action equivalent with four tracks of hook-laden gruff punk. Deecracks’ side of the record is the side of “good” and keeps you coming back. Fisto’s toy-line adversary was Jitsu, a gold-handed evil karate chop master. Total weak sauce compared to the power of Fisto. The Windowsill is Jitsu, masters of their craft, but ultimately forgettable in the glut of standardized pop punk. Deecracks and He-Man inferences make this release worth the price of admission and I’ll probably wear out the grooves of the Deecracks side. Thanks to Wiki Grayskull. 

 –Matt Seward (Shield,