WIND IS PINK, THE SKY IS GREY, THE: $5, 5 ½” x 5 ½”, glossy paper, 45 pgs.

Nov 24, 2010

This is a collection of short stories by J.M. McNulty, of the dearly departed Blöödhag. At first, I appreciated the risk, but by the end, ultimately got tired from the manipulation of the form. The short stories are laid out like free verse poetry (stanzas instead of paragraphs, the plentiful use of “&” instead of “and,” the physical boxy shape of the zine/book), but they read more like stories. I’m not quite sure why it’s so bothersome to me, except in the realms of tone and pace. Many of these stories are violent (a graphic beating with a pipe, the rape of young girl in a Laundromat bathroom), existential (here’s the situation; erasure of past and the present’s too unsure and unstable to contemplate a future), and romantic (there are a few sweet endings). I feel that the poetic devices deployed make the pieces more fractured than they need to be. J.M. definitely has a knack for jumping into gritty situations and placing the reader dead center. It’d be interesting to hear him read them aloud and see how he considers them himself; how he paces them, what he emphasizes to see if I’m way off base about this “make it look less like poetry” business. –Todd (J.M. McNulty, 1061 Mercer St., Apt. F, Seattle, WA98102)

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